Five Senses.
We feel beautiful scenery of the Seto Inland Sea and enjoy the ship,
We listen to voice of birds and feel wind,
We taste taste in Seto and thoroughly enjoy wine with bar counter,
And we finish sea voyage while feeling the sea breeze.
Such adult time on ship.

It is trip of cruising by luxurious passenger liner ferry


Official tour

It is trip of cruising by luxurious passenger liner ferry

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Official tour

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Under reservation acceptance!

We offer various tours.
Please spend a spiritually rich time.

setouchi Cruise

Sea voyage enjoyment course

Sightseeing in Shodoshima

Royal road course

Sightseeing in Shodoshima
Bus combination plan

Shodoshima is optional

Tour course

Rent-a-bicycle plan

Child is fun, too

Family course

Shodoshima overnight car course

Shodoshima car plan

Guide of facilities

Inboard guidance

  • 2F

    Main lounge

    Main lounge of calm atmosphere
    It is good-quality relaxation space such as comfortable cafe.
    In the fine-view seat fitted with glass full-scale towards the sea
    We offer.
    In addition, it is shop corner
    Original coffee and various drinks,
    Light meals are available, too.
  • 3F

    Wood deck

    Wood deck which lets you imagine classic luxurious passenger liner,
    It is beautiful specifications that we used natural wood for abundantly.
    While it is wrapped in the sea breeze and flavor of tree, we sit on bench,
    As for light of the sky and color of the sea, scenery of islands, the voice of chicken to fade with time,
    While having you thoroughly enjoy nature of the Seto Inland Sea with Gokan,
    Please spend a time when non-daily life is luxurious.
  • 3F salon

    View suite

    Of atmosphere that is casual in adult pop
    In indoor salon craft beer bar counter
    We establish permanently. Unhurried sea voyage
    Surprise plan that matched in season is held.
    In ship nagashi somen <reservation required>
    ■ Business period
    As soon as, about business of 2020, it is decided,
    We guide on our homepage.
  • For Kids


    Kids club

    Kids club where children can play happily well
    We offer in corner of main lounge.
    Other than playing house kitchen and ball pool,
    As for mini-chair, picture book for exclusive use of child, a lot of toys.
    As it is available regardless of weather,
    In the case of with child, you can enjoy comfortable sea voyage.
  • 3F


    We establish swing on Wood deck.
    If look up at the sky leisurely while being jolted for the sea breeze; daily life
    For a happy time when we forget all and can be refreshed….
    Within striking distance, we offer playground equipments such as slides.
    While both adult and child relax together,
    You can experience resort feeling in ship.
  • 4F observation deck

    Mini-train (Wilson 15 inches train)

    Of animation "tea Gin ton" quite popular all over the world
    Mini-train of character "Wilson"
    We appeared on board for the first time in the world.
    On "Wilson" around observation deck
    If run around, all the children for smile!
    Of course we can enjoy 360-degree scenery of the Seto Inland Sea.
    Service day: You can go on board in time when is with or less of holiday on Sunday on Saturday.
    10:45-11:30, 14:15-15:00
    12:15-13:00, 15:45-16:30
    ※Service may be called off by weather, other unavoidable reasons.
    ■ Rate: Of 200 yen per person (tax-included)
  • 4F - 3F


    Here "playground on ship."
    From observation deck on the fourth floor to the third-floor Wood deck
    Slide to slide down,
    Height and scenery and speed are force perfect scores!
    For small child and child weak in high place
    As for the playground equipments such as swing or mini-house
    We offer.
    ※The use of slide is targeted for children 3 years or older.
    ※Assistance of protector is necessary by all means.

Inboard guide map

Inboard guide map
①Vehicle parking space②Kids club
③View suite④Swing
⑤Wood deck⑥Mini-train (tea Gin ton)

Food Menu

Foods menu

We were blessed with calm climate and nature rich beautifully
It is ingredients which area in Okayama, Shodoshima, Seto is delicious, and are fresh and treasure house of taste.
In addition, as for original own house roast coffee and craft craft beer, the ground sweets,
We will provide special special dish.


/Time table


Route, diamond, fare

Shinokayama Port ~ Shodoshima Dosho Port 70 minutes
From Shinokayama Port
Arrival at Shodoshima Dosho Port

From Shinokayama Port


Arrival at Dosho Port





8:30 OD






11:20 OD






15:00 OD






18:30 OD


Arrival at Shodoshima Dosho Port
From Shinokayama Port


From Dosho Port

Arrival at Shinokayama Port

7:00 OD






9:50 OD






13:00 OD






16:30 OD






  • orimpiadorimuseto navigation plan

    (we may be changed by weather, other unavoidable reasons.)

  • OD ... orimpiadorimu navigation plan
  • Flight of this mark is with barrier-free elevator



When you come from JR Okayama Station by bus

<when you come by route bus>

From JR Okayama Station east exit bus terminal, Platform 1

In [for Shinokayama Port] about 35 minutes (via Okayama University Hospital)

About 40 minutes (via Tenmaya bus station)

Bus ferry transit timetable is this

Under Shinokayama Port going straight bus two flights roundtrip operation a day

①At Okayama Station 9:18 → Arrival at Shinokayama Port 9:53

②At Okayama Station 12:38 → Arrival at Shinokayama Port 13:13

※For more details, please see bus ferry transit timetable.

Gull bus ticket

(JR Okayama Station - Shinokayama Port - Shodoshima Dosho Port)

Set discount ticket of convenient bus and ferry!

JR Okayama Station - Shinokayama Port going straight bus birth! It is fast and is advantageous! It is okaden tea Gin ton under 2 roundtrip operations every day for 35 minutes

When you come by car

From Hanshima IC (Seto Chuo Expressway) on about 35 minutes Sunday,

About 40-50 minutes (weekdays) (by Route 2 bypass way)

It is about one hour from Bizen IC (Sanyo Expressway)

(by Okayama Blue Line → 2 bypass way)

※Please use pay parking lot of 500 yen/1st.

Shinokayama Port (both detailed ferry)

9-1, Shinchikkou, Naka-ku, Okayama-shi TEL(086) 274-1222

Shodoshima Dosho Port

Ko-5165-201, Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun TEL(0879) 62-0875


Artisans of Shodoshima

Shodoshima which goods-carrying merchant ship called at a port from the Edo era, and prospered as base of the Seto Inland Sea,
"Treasure house where we are blessed with rich nature and seafood, riches of the soil, and traditional food culture breathes of meals."
In Shodoshima, we still introduce the skill of artisan inherited ceaselessly.
  • Both money soy sauce

    Cedar pail is learned in storehouse more than 100 years.
    With the richness of skill and nature of artisan
    We bring up slowly and carefully
    This traditional brewing soy sauce.

  • Makoto Inoue cultivate land

    Olives cultivation to last parent and child three generations.
    From fruit selecting carefully with hand knob
    We are extracted like treasure,
    Rare olive oil.

  • Shiro Gin noodles business

    The Japan's three biggest somen production centers
    Of the 400, Shodoshima rest of life
    We continue following traditional technique
    Spreading by hand noodles of "genuine article."



The world's first "amusement park running in the sea" service
In sightseeing spot world in the Seto Inland Sea!

Both; detailed group representative and CEO

Mitsunobu Kojima

In regular line linking sightseeing base, Okayama = Shodoshima (Tonosho) of the Seto Inland Sea
It becomes the Eiji Mitooka design second ship
We went into service in "orimpiadorimuseto".
"Amusement park which runs in the sea" first as for the concept in the world.
In addition to 360-degree promenade deck and cabin as salon,
Interior good-quality with beauty to hark back to lounge of ocean liner,
Mini-train of animation "tea Gin ton" in the world of popularity,
And "we see wakuwaku, and we get on throb" including event full of senses of the seasons
It is small Cruise ferry which is full of devices which both adult and child can enjoy.
For the making of pleasant memory of reward to family and unforgettable trip
Please enjoy cruising in slightly luxurious Seto.
It becomes purpose "to get on"
"Salon" which runs in the sea


Eiji Mitooka

We aim at unprecedented Cruise ferry,
Charm of the stage called the Seto Inland Sea
We challenged that we expressed by the traditional skill.
To glass material natural material including tree
We direct in combination open feeling only in the sea.
Furthermore, we inlay interior with styles of all ages and countries,
"Marine salon" named luxuriance was completed.
It is tei providing comfort and surprise, pleasure.
orimpiadorimuseto official tour